5 Myths About Natural Black Hair Care

5 myths about natural black hair care from Studio 86, a black hair salon in Toronto

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With over nine years experience in the world of natural black hair styling, creating gorgeous weave hairstyles and doing texturizer and relaxer treatments, Studio 86 head stylist and owner, Kahlae Clifford, is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to natural black hair care (in fact, if you’re looking for a great black hair salon in Toronto, Studio 86 is a great choice!)

Kahlae has heard just about every myth you can think of when it comes to styling natural black hair and it’s time to set the record straight!  For this edition of the Studio 86 blog, we thought we’d give you a rundown of some of the top myths around natural black hair care, and why they’re just not true!

1.) Products made for or marketed to one race or ethnicity cannot be used by others. As a hair salon that specializes in styling all types of hair, including black hair types, we know this is just not true. We carry two lines of great products that can be used on all ethnicities of hair: Mizani and Amika. When it comes to hair products, it’s the ingredients that matter, even though the marketing might tell you otherwise. Often, products marketed for African American hair contain more moisturizers and proteins than others. That just means they’re great for anyone with dry or damaged hair.

2.) You can make your hair grow faster or thicker by using a miracle product. We hate to break it to you, but your hair growth is based on your genetics, and no hair care product or pill is going to change that. The only case where a vitamin or supplement will affect your hair growth is if you are deficient in those particular vitamins or minerals to begin with.

3.) Too much washing makes your hair dry. Textured, natural black hair is usually on the drier side, which might make you think that frequent washing will only make it drier. But water will not hurt it! Your hair will only get drier if you’re using stripping shampoos and conditioners that don’t have enough moisturizers. If you’re using moisturizing products, you shouldn’t have a problem. To learn more about the products that work great for natural black hair, check out our post on Natural Hair: Styling Tips For Your Hair Type.

4.) You can get your hair relaxed and coloured in the same sitting. Only if you want to subject it to some pretty bad breakage! We recently had an emergency client come in because her hair was breaking off and she wanted Kahlae to put in a weave to bring back some of the length. While the client was in the chair, it was revealed that she had undergone a relaxing treatment and colour application in the same sitting, which was just horrible for her hair and had caused the breakage. Fortunately, Kahlae came to the rescue with a gorgeous weave and informed the client that two harsh processes in one sitting is just not good for your delicate hair! Be patient and space your processes out to give your hair a rest.

5.) Curl-enhancing products can help get your curl back after relaxing or excessive heat damage. The unfortunate truth is, once your hair has been relaxed or damaged due to frequent heat styling, no curl-enhancing product will return your hair’s natural texture. You just need to be patient while it’s growing and wait it out until your curls return to their former glory. Be sure to keep it moisturized and cut off the relaxed or damaged ends regularly and your natural curls should be back in no time.

If you’re looking for a hair salon in Toronto that can treat your natural black hair right, rescue you from a recent hair emergency, or answer your questions about natural black hair care, we’re here to help!  Contact Studio 86 today!



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