Blorange: 2017’s newest hair trend!

Photo: Via @Jordanjaceyhair/Instagram.
Here at Studio 86, we’ve been dye-ing (haha, get it?) to see what new hair colours 2017 would bring us. Well, the Blorange look is here, and it has us dreaming of spring! As if Toronto winters didn’t feel long enough, this look has us longing for the warmer weather, pastel colours, and of course, light and airy spring hairstyles.

Make way for Blorange, the cute and coral blend of blonde and orange (also a play on blood-orange), and the freshest take on last year’s “rose gold” we’ve seen yet.

It was first seen on Georgia Jagger, Mick Jagger’s daughter as dubbed by Buzzfeed, and then started popping up on hair vixen Instagram accounts everywhere.
We love this persimmon-meets-strawberry look for already lightened blondes, especially those tired of the constant toning sessions to keep their blonde brass-free. This trend is the temporary, care-free break you’ve been waiting for!
But even though blorange is the easiest look to accomplish for those with already lightened hair, this look has no rules! We love that it works with all hair types and styles, from long and short to textured, curly or straight. Similar to coral, this colour trend is flattering on just about everyone, and can be tailored to fit exactly your style (from ombre to full colour). It does, pretty obviously, involve lightening the hair first, so we suggest consulting your hair stylist before taking the plunge.
Be the first to jump into spring with the sweetest hair trend of 2017!
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