Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

Is it safe to dye your hair while pregnant?

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There must be something in the water right now, because several clients here at Studio 86 have been asking: Can you dye your hair while pregnant?

It’s natural to be concerned about whether or not putting chemicals on your head while you’ve got a baby onboard is going to be harmful to your future bundle of joy, but the truth is, most doctors would probably tell you it is safe to dye your hair while pregnant. That’s because there is no proof out there that it causes complications with childbirth.

In fact, according to the Globe and Mail:

“Studies that have examined the use of hair dye during and after pregnancy have shown that the minimal absorption of chemicals have not shown an increased risk of harm to the developing baby… Motherisk, a research and education program at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto suggests that due to the minimal absorption of hair products through skin, hair dye during pregnancy is not concerning.”

Is It Safe to Dye Your Hair While Breastfeeding?

If you’re concerned about dying your hair while you’re breastfeeding, the answer is the same. According to the American Pregnancy Association:

“Although no data is available on women receiving hair treatments while breastfeeding, it is known that little of the chemicals would actually be absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, the chance of them entering the milk and posing a risk to an infant would be unlikely.”

Still Concerned?

If you’re still concerned about whether or not it’s safe to dye your hair while pregnant or breastfeeding, there are some options that are milder on your scalp that may put your mind at ease. You can try vegetable dyes or semi-permanent hair dyes, or opt for highlights, which don’t actually touch your scalp. You can also opt to only dye your hair once you’ve passed the second or third trimester, when most of the baby’s organs have finished developing.

As with anything involving your health, please consult your doctor if you have questions about what you should and should not do during your pregnancy. After all, we may be expert hair stylists, but we are not doctors!



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