Dry Hair? Try a Pre-Poo Treatment!

how to do a pre-poo treatment


Sometimes your shampoo is not your friend; it can strip too much precious moisture from your hair. When you have very dry hair or you’re transitioning to natural hair, this can be a big problem. But you gotta keep your hair clean so what’s a girl to do?

Enter the pre-poo treatment.

A pre-poo (or pre-shampoo) treatment basically involves doing your deep conditioning treatment using oil or conditioner BEFORE you shampoo rather than after. The benefits of doing this are numerous:

• It adds deep moisture and protects your hair from shampoo-related moisture stripping
• It’s great for detangling
• It leaves your hair feeling softer and more manageable

Stick to a regular pre-poo routine and you’ll see even better results.

How to Pre-Poo

You can use the oil treatment of your choice or your favourite deep conditioner for your pre-poo treatment. Don’t have any? You may have excellent options in your own kitchen. Olive oil makes a great pre-poo treatment, for example. (Check out more homemade hair treatments here.) All you need is a spray bottle, some plastic wrap, and a wide-toothed comb if you want to detangle.

Here’s a step-by-step pre-poo guide:

1.) Fill a reusable spray bottle with your oil or conditioning treatment of choice
2.) Split your hair into sections for easy pre-poo application
3.) Put a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothes from the oil
4.) Dampen your hair a little with water
5.) Using the spray bottle, saturate your hair from root to tip with the oil and work through with your hands
6.) Twist your hair sections and wrap your hair in plastic wrap or a cap
7.) Let the oil sink in for at least 20 minutes
8.) Optional: sit under a dryer or use a hair dryer to apply heat and help the oil sink in
9.) Unwrap your hair and detangle if you like using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb
10.) Shampoo and condition as usual

Here’s a great and super simple step-by-step pre-poo video tutorial from Michelle B of Everything Michelle:


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