Hair Extensions Volume 1: Weaves

Weaves are a type of hair extension.

photo by: Cathleen Tarawhiti

Hair takes a long time to grow. Sometimes longer than many of us are willing to wait. It’s like seeing a dress you must have in a store window, and not being able to buy it until three years down the road. It’s hard to have that kind of patience, even worse when your hair just doesn’t seem to grow long and healthy. Dryness, breakage, heat damage, not being able to make it through that annoying stage when your hair starts to brush against your neck – many factors can hold you back from achieving your dreams of long, flowing, wavy, Beyonce hair.

That is, unless you want to venture into the wonderful world of hair extensions! This post kicks off our three part series on the several ways you can cheat the system and see what it’s like to have long, beautiful locks without having to wait. Thankfully, you have options!

Hair Weaves

Our first subject: weaves! We do a lot of weave hairstyles in our Toronto hair salon. The process involves braiding your natural hair close to your scalp, then weaving hair extensions into the braids. Weaves can either be sewn into just a few sections of your hair, or you can go for a full head of new hair. Of the several hair extension options available (we’ll cover those in our next posts), weaves are the longest lasting.

What kind of hair is best for weaves? We recommend skipping the artificial stuff. The best quality hair extensions to use for your weave are made of virgin hair, which comes from a single source and has never been processed. If you’re interested in exploring this option further, check out our informative post Weaves 101: Pro Tips for Beautiful Weave Hairstyles.

Is a Weave Right for You?

There are several reasons why you might like to invest in a weave hairstyle:

  • You want longer hair, faster (it doesn’t have to be super long – you can get weaves of all different lengths!)
  • You want to try a different hair texture than your natural one (i.e. you have very curly or coily hair and want to see what it’s like to have stick straight hair).
  • Your hair is thinning and you want to add extra fullness.
  • You want to try a different hair colour without dying your natural hair.
  • You want your extensions to last several months.

Not sure which option is right for you? We’d be happy to educate you further on whether or not a weave is the best kind of hair extension for you. Book your consultation today.


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