Hair Extensions Volume 2: Bonds

Bonds are a type of hair extensions.

photo by: Taber Andrew Bain

Welcome to part two of our series on hair extensions. We’re exploring the different ways you can add extra length and fullness to your hair without having to wait an excruciatingly long time for it to grow out naturally. Last week we covered the almighty hair weave, and this week we’re onto bonds.

What is a Hair Bond?

Hair bonding boosts the length and fullness of your hair by literally bonding hair extensions to your natural hair using a special kind of gentle adhesive. This hair extension method lasts for a few weeks, compared to weaves, which can last for several months.

Just like we recommend using high quality hair when you get a weave, we say the same thing to our Yorkville hair salon clients that want bonds: virgin hair is the best kind of hair to use because it hasn’t been processed. And we don’t recommend trying it at home – make sure you get your bonds professionally installed and removed to get the best results, and also to avoid damaging your hair.

Who Should Get Hair Bonds?

The reasons to get hair bonds are similar to that of weaves:

• You want to see what it’s like to have super long hair (or just longer than you have now).
• Your hair is thinning and you want to add extra fullness.
• You want to add some highlights without actually chemically processing your hair – just bond a few lighter coloured strands into your natural mane.
• You’re okay with your extensions only lasting a few weeks, which can be good for when you want to look amazing for a quick vacation or a special event (like your wedding!).

Not sure which kind of hair extension method is best for your needs? Our hair extension specialists would be happy to educate you further on whether or not bonding would be your best choice. Book your consultation today.


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