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Studio 86 uses Alterna Haircare products like the Bamboo Smooth line.

Alterna Haircare Bamboo Smooth Line: Now Available at Studio 86!

We love staying current with the latest developments in hair products and hair care at Studio 86. That’s why we recently decided to welcome Alterna Haircare to our family. We use three of Alterna’s high quality haircare lines on our clients when they come into our Yorkville salon, and we also retail it so they can enjoy the wonderful benefits at home and keep their salon-fresh hair looking fresh. But why did we choose it?

The Ingredients

Alterna is a luxury hair care line with pure, sustainable ingredients, like organic kendi oil and organic bamboo extract. What’s so great about organic? For one thing, organic ingredients are free from chemical pesticides. They’re also gentler on the environment because of that.

Alterna products are also free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates and other harsh and unnecessary additives. The packaging is eco-friendly, and the company is also committed to fair trade practices.

So Alterna products are good for your hair and body and good for the planet!

The Benefits

What good are fancy ingredients if they don’t provide any benefits? You have to see it to believe it, right? Well we certainly have! We’ve been using Alterna products for a while now and we’ve noticed our clients’ hair is a lot smoother, silkier and healthier looking.

We carry three Alterna lines to cater to different hair types and textures. Each offers unique benefits:

The Bamboo Smooth Line: Most suited to natural, textured hair that’s on the dry side, the Bamboo Smooth line contains organic kendi oil for smoothing frizz and organic bamboo extract for strengthening. One stand-out product we REALLY love is the Kendi Oil, which comes in three different forms for different applications: a treatment oil, dry oil mist, and dry oil micromist. It’s awesome for frizz control and super intense shine.

The Bamboo Volume Line: The Bamboo Volume line is great for clients with thin or fine hair because its organic maca root energizes and boosts volume. You can choose from a wide range of lightweight, root-boosting styling products, plus shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to add fullness to fine hair.

The Bamboo Color Hold + Line: The Bamboo Color Hold + line is pretty self-explanatory! The organic kalahari melon and Color Hold® UV+ technology keep your color vibrant and protect it from fading while boosting shine and hair strength.

Try it!

Want to try these awesome products? You can purchase them directly from us, or give them a test drive when we use them on you next time you come in for a cut and/or colour. Book your appointment today!



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