Hair Relaxer 101: Tips for Success + a Fun Contest!

hair relaxer treatment done at Studio 86 - a hair salon in Toronto

As a Toronto hair salon specializing in textured hair, we often have clients coming in to get hair relaxer treatments. These treatments help make straight styles much easier to achieve for people with highly textured, curly or coily hair. Similar to a perm, these treatments last until your natural texture grows back, but they can also be hard on your hair due to the chemical process.

To help keep your hair looking smooth and beautiful, our hair stylists always use high quality relaxers and styling products made for relaxed hair from brands like amika: and Mizani. We also have a few pro tips you can try to make sure your hair continues to look amazing long after your hair relaxer appointment.

1.) Follow your relaxer with a deep conditioning treatment. Adding a punch of deep moisture after your relaxer is always a smart choice. We recommend getting the L’Oreal Steam Pod treatment, which replenishes the hair protein and seals in moisture with steam.

2.) Keep your relaxed hair moisturized at home. Use a deep conditioner regularly (ask us about our amika: and Mizani hair care products!), and keep the ends moisturized with leave-in conditioners and moisturizing styling products.

3.) Wrap your hair at bedtime. Relaxing can make your hair weaker and prone to breakage. To prevent this, we recommend wrapping your hair in a silk scarf at night so it’s protected from rubbing against your pillow and breaking off.

4.) Use protective products when styling with heat. If you’re using heat during your styling process, such as a blow dryer or curling iron, make sure you apply a heat-protective styling product every time. We can recommend some good ones next time you’re in the salon.

5.) Stagger your relaxer appointments. Don’t get your hair relaxed too often – too many chemical processes back to back can be very damaging to your hair. Let your hair rest for a minimum of six to eight weeks before relaxing it again.

6.) When in doubt – ask the pros! If you’re thinking of trying a hair relaxer treatment for the first time, you might be tempted to do it yourself at home. However, for the best results, and to keep your hair in top condition, we recommend going to the pros.

The professional stylists at our Toronto hair salon are happy to answer any questions you may have. We have over nine years experience working with textured hair, so we can help you keep yours looking gorgeous, no matter what you decide to do. To book your consultation, contact us today.

Contest Time – Win an amika: Blow Dryer!

win an amika blow dryer from Studio 86 hair salon Toronto

To thank you for reading the Studio 86 blog, we’re giving away an amika: blow dryer! To enter, visit the Studio 86 Facebook page for details.

Good luck!

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