How to Buy the Best Hair Extensions

tips for buying the best hair extensions

Hair extensions help you get the hair length and thickness you want without having to wait years for your natural hair to grow out. They’re great for trying out different hair types, textures and styles without damaging your natural hair with various processes. You have several different options for installing your hair extensions, including weaves , bonds and clip-ins. Many different types of hair extensions exist, so how do you know which one is right for you? Your choice will depend on the look you want and the amount of money you are willing to spend to get it.

How to buy hair extensions

Here’s what to look for to get the most natural looking results:

1.) Virgin human hair: We highly recommend opting for virgin hair, which is human hair that’s in top condition because it has never been processed. Synthetic hair is a lot cheaper, but you know what they say, you get what you pay for! It won’t style as well as natural hair, often gets tangled, and could end up looking very unnatural.

2.) Remy: When shopping for hair extensions, you want to look for the word ‘Remy’, which refers to the way the hair is bundled. Remy hair cuticles are always facing in the same direction with the roots bundled at the top, which prevents tangling and helps your hair look as natural as possible. Non-remy hair is often treated with harsh chemicals to prevent tangling, which negatively affects the condition of the hair.

3.) Non-silicone-treated: Look for extensions that have not been treated with silicone.Many inferior hair extensions are treated with a silicone coating to create the illusion of top quality hair, however, this coating comes off after a few washes and reveals the real condition of the hair, which usually isn’t great.

4.) Style: The style you choose depends on the look you want to achieve. You can buy virgin Remy hair in every texture from stick straight to kinky. This part is really up to you, however you might not want to go for kinky if you’re getting clip-ins and your natural hair texture is straight.

5.) Ethnicity: Human hair extensions are commonly sourced from several countries around the globe, with each offering a different texture. Indian hair is very popular because it’s strong and thick. If you’re opting for Indian hair, watch out for the condition of any colours other than black because they have been chemically processed and might not be your best choice. Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair types are also popular for their quality and shine. If you want lighter colours, it’s best to choose European extensions from countries like Russia, Sweden and the Ukraine. This hair is lighter but it is also usually finer.

6.) Colour: Be sure that your hair extensions match your current hair colour (unless you’re getting a weave and your natural hair isn’t going to show), to achieve the most natural look possible. Sometimes colouring your hair is necessary to get the look you want, just be aware that the chemical processing will affect its condition.

7.) Thickness: Many people make the mistake of not purchasing enough hair extensions, which leaves their locks looking stringy and thin. The amount you need varies according to the surface area of your scalp. A hair extension specialist can consult you on the amount of bundles to purchase for the best results.

8.) Ethical sourcing: Unfortunately, many human hair extensions are not ethically sourced. Because high quality hair can fetch a high price, it is often taken and sold against the person’s will. Be sure to do your research to find out exactly where your hair extensions are coming from.

Talk to our hair extension specialists in Toronto

If you’re not sure what kind of extensions to buy or where to get them, our hair extension specialists at Studio 86 are happy to help. Our favourite places to buy hair extensions in Toronto are Clore Beauty Supply, which has locations across the GTA plus an online store, and Pastel Pyramids. Come in for a consultation and our stylists can let you know how many bundles to purchase for the best results, plus provide recommendations for the type and colour needed to achieve your desired look.

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