How to Lighten Your Hair Without Damage

Studio 86 salon shares how to lighten your hair without damaging it.

Changing your hair colour all the time is super fun. Who doesn’t want to try a new shade for summer? Or see if blondes do have more fun? Or try a rich, auburn hue for fall? The only problem is, colouring too often can start to take its toll on the condition of your hair… especially when you have to use bleach to lighten it.

Thankfully, Studio 86’s owner and Master Stylist, Kahlae Clifford, has a super top secret tip to share: You can lighten your previously colour treated hair without using bleach! In fact, you can lighten it while improving the condition at the same time! Take it from Kahlae, because she’s not only been doing hair for about 10 years, but she also likes to colour her own on a frequent basis.

What is this sorcery, you say? The secret is out: All you have to do is get a Peter Coppola Keratin Concept Treatment. The treatment lifts the colour from your hair, making it up to three shades lighter, without having to use harsh bleach! And the benefits of the treatment itself are numerous (read about them here), so you’re actually doing something nice for your hair while lightening it at the same time. Then, you simply wait a couple weeks to go back to the salon to adjust the shade to your liking.

Note: This amazing technique only works if you want to lighten your colour treated hair – it doesn’t lighten hair that has never been coloured.

Want to find out more about lightening your hair without damage? Book your appointment at Studio 86 today!

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