How to Manage Curly Hair in Humid Weather

how to fight the effects of humidity on curly hair

photo by: Kris Krug

Anyone with curly, textured, natural hair knows: humidity is not your friend! It’s a given – as soon as you step outside in to the humidity your hair is bound to be a “frizzy disaster”. Our stylists at Studio 86 have a few tricks to help you manage your lovely locks in humid weather and stay looking gorgeous no matter how hot and sticky the air gets!

1.) Get the right cut for your curls

Whether you wear your hair natural or blown out and pressed into a style, keeping your ends clean and having the right cut for your curls is very important. Be sure to get a haircut that compliments your hair type.

2.) Embrace your natural hair texture

If you’ve been blessed with highly textured hair with tons of beautiful curls, why not let its natural beauty shine through? Wash and go for a natural look or try styles that don’t stray too far from your texture. If you have very curly, textured hair, try some fun twists that follow your hair’s natural curl.

3.) Style with curly hair products that protect against humidity

Look for smoothing gels and serums and products that contain anti-humectants. We carry a variety of styling products for curly hair at our Yorkville hair salon, including amika’s Curl Defining Cream and Straight Up Smoothing Balm. In fact, all amika products contain anti-humectants!

4.) Try some pretty hair accessories

Who has time to fight frizz on the most humid days of summer? Beating the heat is frustrating enough without the added headache of taming unruly hair. Pull out your cute summer scarves, and opt for silk or satin over cotton. Or, pack a headband or some hair ties in case your style starts getting out of control after you’ve left the house.

5.) Try protective styles, such as braids

Locking your hair down into protective styles like braids is a great way to fight off the effects of humid weather on your curly hair. If you want to learn about your options for protective styles, our experts at Studio 86 have some great recommendations that cater to everyone’s preference and hair type.

6.) Keep your hair moisturized

Dry hair will show the effects of humidity even more, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re keeping up with your deep conditioning routine. We recommend amika’s Nourishing Hair Mask and their Curl Defining Cream and Leave In Cream. All of these contain anti-humectants to help you keep frizz in check. Another option is co-washing, which involves using conditioner in place of shampoo when washing your hair for extra moisture and smoothness.

7.) Rinse with cold water 

At the end of your shower, after you’ve rinsed out your deep conditioner, blast your hair with a cold water rinse. This will seal your hair shaft, making it smoother and less prone to frizz.

If you’re looking for the best hair salon in Toronto for maximizing the awesomeness of your naturally curly hair, look no further than Studio 86! Our stylists are experts in curly hair and we carry a variety of hair care products to help keep your hair looking naturally beautiful. Book your appointment today!



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