How to Protect Relaxed Hair While Swimming

How to Protect Relaxed Hair While Swimming

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Whether you’re swimming for fitness or splashing around on a vacation somewhere warm, your hair can start to feel the effects of the chlorine and salt. This is especially true if you have chemically treated hair. If you colour your hair or get your natural hair relaxed, you should take special precautions to protect it against possible damage from swimming, such as dryness and breakage.

Follow these steps to protect your chemically processed hair when swimming:

Step 1: Rinse your hair with tap water before swimming to protect it from absorbing excess chlorine.

Step 2: Apply coconut oil or a silicone serum to your wet hair to protect it.

Step 3a (Optional): Wear a swim cap to protect your hair but be sure it’s not too tight or it could cause your hair more distress and breakage, especially around the edges.

Step 3b (Optional): Instead of a swim cap, you can try a protective hairstyle, such as braids or twists.

Step 4: Swim!

Step 5: Rinse your hair with tap water and shampoo after you swim. You can use your regular shampoo or one that’s formulated to remove chlorine. If you swim frequently and don’t want to over-shampoo and dry out your hair, you can try co-washing.

Step 6: Condition as usual, or better yet, use a deep conditioning treatment.

Step 7: To prevent further breakage, detangle with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 8: Wear a hat if you’re hanging out in the sun after and try to avoid heat styling if you can.

Periodic maintenance: Use a clarifying shampoo and do protein treatments once a month to help protect your hair from the damage of regular swimming.

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