New Years Resolutions for Your Hair


The New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your life. It’s a clean slate, a fresh start. You may already have some new years resolutions for personal goals, but what about your hair? Here is our list of New Years Hair Resolutions that we think everyone should remember!

These are just some of our favourites, so feel free to take them and work them into what works best for you and your #hairgoals!

I Will Be Daring!

That hairstyle you’ve been daydreaming about that just seems a little too risky? Why not take the plunge and try something new! You can trust your stylist to place the utmost importance on the quality of your hair treatments and services. If there’s a crazy colour you’ve been swooning over, or a chic bob you’ve been thinking about, go for it! This is your year!

I Will Chill On The Heat Styling

Don’t get us wrong. Styling your hair with heat can produce some amazing results. But hair straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers can create breakage and damage your beautiful locks. If you can, try to keep the heat styling to a minimum. Even setting aside one day a week where you avoid heat styling will make a difference! Besides, natural hair looks awesome.

I Will Spend More Time Caring For My Hair

It can be so easy to let things slide when we get busy, but making extra time for hair care will leave you with healthy, happier hair. This includes deep conditioning and regular haircuts.

I Will Learn What Works Best For My Hair

Knowing your hair type is SO important. It lets you know how susceptible your hair is to breakage, what treatments work best, and what you should stay away from. If you’re not sure, you can always do some research to find out what hair type you have and how to best care for your locks.

I Will Remember That a Healthy Body Equals Healthy Hair

Not only does taking care of your health make you feel great – it also makes you look great! Your diet affects many aspects of your hair including hair growth, shine and strength. Make sure you’re getting lots of vitamins and minerals, and of course drinking lots of water.

I Will Put Myself Down Less

“My hair is so frizzy” “My hair is too thin” “I hate my hair!” NO! You are wonderful, and so is your hair. Next time someone gives you a compliment, smile and say thank you instead of rushing to put yourself down! See how good it feels! Your hair is uniquely you, and that’s what makes it great. Be proud of that!

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