OMG! Why Is My Hair Falling Out?!

normal hair loss

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Tell me if this sounds familiar: you finish blowdrying your hair and your bathroom seems to magically have a new carpet that… um… matches your drapes. At first it’s just a little, but then the strands seem to multiply quickly. You panic. The shower drain does get clogged an awful lot. You do find yourself cleaning out your brush every other day. Your dad and all his brothers did go completely bald at 25. Is it your turn now?!

Don’t freak out. Hair loss is normal and you’re not going bald. The average human loses between 40 and 120 strands every day, and many factors affect this amount. Your age, your hair type, your hormones… all of these play a role in hair shedding. You might also lose more hair than normal in the fall. That’s because during this season, your hair has reached the end of its growth cycle. As you get older, or after you have a baby, your hair also tends to fall out more. These are all normal hair shedding patterns and you should not be alarmed if it happens to you.

Abnormal Hair Loss

Assuming you’re not suffering from male pattern baldness, hair loss can occur due to a number of other reasons, mostly related to your overall health. This kind of hair loss is not part of the normal shedding cycle and could indicate a more serious condition or reaction to medication. Some abnormal hair loss causes include:

• Illnesses like iron deficiency, lupus or thyroid disorders
• Genetic disorders
• Medications used to for birth control, depression, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and ulcers (find specific drug names here)
• Too much stress
• Wearing protective hairstyles too tight or for too long, like braids, weaves or even just an overzealous ponytail (not sure if yours are too tight? Our experienced hair stylists at our Toronto hair salon can have a look and let you know – book your appointment today)

If your hair has been falling out a lot more than the normal amounts described, or if you can see your scalp in areas, then you should consult a doctor to be sure it’s not something more serious. If you can’t see your scalp, and you’re just doing a little extra sweeping of the bathroom floor, it’s likely nothing to worry about.



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