Planning On Getting A Pixie Cut? Read This First

The pixie cut is one of those timeless hair looks. Classy or cool, the cut is versatile and easy to manage (goodbye knotted hair). From Zendaya to Miley, so many celebs have rocked this haircut – and more recently Katy Perry, who chopped off her long locks. We sense this look coming back in a big way!

While we love the look, we also know that it’s a big commitment. Big hair changes are nerve-racking and this is a drastic one, so be sure you’re ready. Here are some things to think about before you take the plunge!

Katy Perry pixie cut 2017

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Can you handle the upkeep?

With a pixie cut, expect to go for haircuts more frequently. The frequency of needed cuts will depend on how quickly your hair grows, but it’ll likely be every 4-6 weeks. This “con” is totally balanced out by the low maintenance nature of this hairstyle, though.

Talk to your stylist

Your hairstylist will be able to tell you if they think this cut suits you based on your face shape, bone structure and hair texture. Show your stylist photos of what you’re considering, and see what they say!

Consider grow-out time

When/if you decide to transition back into longer hair, be ready for the grow-out period. The transition can be lengthy, and you’ll need to go for regular trims to avoid an accidental mullet.

What kind of cut do you want?

Because there are so many styles of pixie cuts, we suggest you take a look here and think about which would be best suited for you. Like we mentioned above, having pics to share with your hairstylist will help the whole process go smoothly. You can also share photos of what you absolutely don’t want, to give your stylist a better overall idea.

Consider donating your leftover locks

If you’re cutting off 8 inches or more of un-dyed hair, consider donating to a charity like the Canadian Cancer Society. Doing good and looking good? Not bad for a day at the salon!

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