Short Cuts: How to Get the Look Faster

Toronto hair salon Studio 86 shares how to get the single twists hairstyle faster

No one likes spending hours in a hair salon chair, but sometimes it’s necessary to get the look you want to achieve. We’re the first to advocate for an understanding that good work takes time, but that being said, there are some short cuts you can take to get the look you want without spending your life in the chair. They might also save you some money, too!

Case in point: single twists. If you like the look of single twists, you’re probably not too excited about the fact that it can take up to eight hours to do it properly. But we’re here to let you in on a little secret: there is a faster way to do it that looks just as good: crochet braids!

A client recently came into our Toronto hair salon to get twists, but there was a… twist. Ahem. She purchased Senegalese twist hair extensions, which we crocheted into her natural hair. Here’s how it went down:


Single twists aren’t the only hairstyle we can create using a short cut like this. If you’ve got a style in mind that seems time consuming and complicated, talk to our stylists first. There may be an easier and more affordable way to get the look! Curious about the possibilities? Book an appointment today!

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