Short Hairstyles for a New Season and a New You!

A change in season usually means a change in mood, clothes, hairstyles, and hair colours. In other words: it’s the perfect opportunity for a fun makeover! When our clients come into our Toronto salon wanting a big change, we’re always up for the challenge. In fact, all of us here at Studio 86 love a dramatic hair makeover, whether that’s a bold new hair colour or cut!

Thinking About Going Short?

It’s always exciting to start a new season with a fresh new look, and going short is a bold and exciting move. If you’re thinking of going short this season, we’ve got a rundown of some of the sexiest short hairstyles.

Whenever you’re doing something drastic with your hair, it’s important to explore the options with your hair stylist. They’ll know the best colours and shapes for your face. If you want to do a little research yourself, check out our Hair Styling Tips To Flatter Your Face Shape.

Short Hairstyles to Try This Season

The Bob

short hairstyle tips from Toronto hair salon Studio 86

photo by: Maria Morri

A classic short hairstyle, a bob can either be long (aka a ‘lob’) or short, and you can incorporate layers or bangs to complement your face shape. Bobs work for straight or curly hair, but the cut usually involves some styling – it’s not one of those cuts that allows you to roll out of bed and go (unless you like the bedhead look). Pro tip: try some bold highlights for maximum impact.

The Pixie Cut

the Halle Berry pixie cut

photo by: German Marin

One of the more dramatic short hairstyles, the pixie has been popular for decades. It’s incredibly easy to style, and works on straight or textured natural hair. Most people will be able to pull off the pixie, but it’s important that the style frames your face in a flattering way, and that you feel good about it! Not sure if you’d be comfortable in a pixie cut? If you’re comfortable wearing your hair tied back in a slick ponytail, you should feel comfortable in a pixie. One of our talented hair stylists can help you decide!

The Asymmetrical Cut

Studio 86 Hair Salon Toronto Ontario Model 5

At Studio 86, we often find ourselves doing creative short hairstyles, whether that’s a graduated bob, long, sweeping bangs on a short cut, or a cut that’s short on one side and long on the other. These cuts are really fun and unique, but be prepared to style it every day to keep it looking fresh, and make sure you’re comfortable being the centre of attention! Bold colour can also make these cuts extra awesome (like this one).

The Wispy/Romantic Cut

This romantic short hairstyle requires styling to maintain.

photo by: Seth Lemmons

This cut usually involves soft, face-framing layers, and can vary in length from almost pixie to bob. This short hairstyle is part cut, part styling, so be sure you get your stylist to walk you through the steps required to recreate the romantic texture at home, and make sure you have the right products to do it.

If you’re thinking of going short – don’t be afraid! The right short hairstyle can flatter any face, just be sure to do your research and consult your stylist so you know you’ll be confident with your choice. Change can be fun!

Not sure if short is right for you? We’re happy to help! To book your appointment for a complimentary consultation at our Yorkville hair salon, contact us today

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