The Best and Worst Hair Trends of 2015

The best and worst hair trends of 2015

Do you wish the man bun would take a hike? (photo by: A Silly Person)

This year was probably one of the craziest years in the world of hairstyling… maybe even since the wacky styles of the ‘80s. People were experimenting all over the place, so much so that no one celebrity hairstyle reigned supreme like back in the ‘90s (remember ‘The Rachel’?). Celebrities changed their hair so much this year that it was hard to keep up, but a few notable trends certainly popped up here and there. Here’s our rundown of the highlights (and lowlights) of hair trends that took 2015 by storm.

The Man Bun

This trend is definitely reaching a saturation point. Man buns can look really great on certain guys, but only if executed correctly with an adequate length of hair. The man bun trend became so hot that some guys didn’t even want to wait for their hair to grow the right length to fit into a bun. The result? Lots of guys walking around with pretty pathetic looking nubs on top of their heads!

Our verdict: This trend can go!

Grey/Lilac Hair

Women who have gone grey everywhere must have felt pretty good to finally see their hair colour trending. Young girls who were certainly at least a handful of years away from finding their first natural grey strand were colouring their tresses completely silver grey, and sometimes adding pastel hues, with lilac purple as the most popular choice. This hair colour can look really good on a small handful of people… and it doesn’t really work if it’s not in line with your personal style or you’re not normally adventurous when it comes to your hair.

Our verdict: This trend will likely pass faster than others – probably just to make way for the next crazy colour trend!


Another hair colour trend that’s been picking up steam for a couple years now is ombre, which involves lightening just the ends of your hair so it looks like you have really grown out, darker roots. Balayage also involves a colour contrast at the ends but it’s more subtle and blended in, adding more dimension. The first one makes a bold statement, while the other achieves a similar look but is more subdued.

Our verdict: These styles have been around for a while already and they’re not showing signs of disappearing anytime soon.

Wavy Bob (Wob)

This year, everyone from Beyonce to Jennifer Lawrence rocked variations of the wavy bob (or wob). Even Self Magazine named it 2015’s “It” hairstyle. Could this be The Rachel cut for this year? Perhaps… It is pretty cute, low-maintenance and seems to look good on a lot of people.

Our verdict: This one can stick around for a bit!

Crochet Braids

We called this one as a hot hair trend back in February, and it’s definitely been one of the most requested styles here at Studio 86 all year! It essentially involves cornrowing your natural hair, then crocheting extensions into the braids. You can achieve a variety of looks depending on the hair you use.

Our verdict: This trend made a comeback and is steadily on the rise, so we think it will be in style for a while.

Which trends do you want to see stick around next year? Which can’t go away soon enough? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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