The Man Braid: Not Just a New Trend

The man braid has been around for centuries!

You have to admit… men’s hair styling trends can get a little crazy. Just look at the recent man bun craze (that seems to be dying down now, to the satisfaction of many). We often look back on the trends of the past whenever we want to have a good laugh. The mullet, the jheri curl, and the faux-hawk, were all very popular in their day, but they failed to stand the test of time. It won’t be too long before we start to look back in embarrassment at the man bun era (we already told you how we feel about them).

Some trends in men’s hair styling, however, have been around for ages. Perhaps it has to do with their practicality. Sensible, convenient, and great-looking tend to be the hallmarks of the timeless men’s hairstyle. One such hairstyle is the braid.

Recent viral fashion and beauty stories circulating online have depicted men with braids – either a single French braid or other patterns of braiding – proclaiming it the next big thing in men’s hair styling. This could be attributed to the popularity of the TV show Vikings, on which the Toronto Blue Jays’ own Josh Donaldson recently had a cameo, and yes, he got his very own man braid for the occasion!

More Than a Trend

News flash! The man braid is a timeless hairstyle. We’ve been doing man braids in our salon since our doors opened. We love man braids because they’re a great protective hairstyle. Braids help our clients’ natural hair stay healthy, whether they’re male or female. On top of that, braids are relatively low maintenance, and they look great too!

Studio 86 does man braids

Man braids done at Studio 86 in Toronto

Man braids are nothing new… except maybe to the hipster set. They’ve been around for centuries in many different cultures around the world. Cornrows, for example, are a traditional African braiding style that dates as far back as 3000 B.C.! Braiding as also been seen among men in Asian and Aboriginal communities. That’s right: man braids have been around for centuries! That’s more than anyone can say for the jheri curl!

Want Some Hot Man Braids?

Braiding your own hair can be difficult for anyone, man or woman, but if you want to try a man braid… you know where to go! Book your appointment today.

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