The Scary Truth About Box Dye

Studio 86 hair salon in Toronto breaks down the risks of box hair dye

photo by: Daniel Oines

It’s pretty obvious what our bias would be as a hair salon offering quality professional hair care, but you just can’t ignore the facts when it comes to boxed hair dye. Of course we would tell you to come see us whenever you need your hair coloured, but the temptation to try store-bought hair dye can be strong sometimes. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and you don’t have to wait for your hair salon appointment. Seems too good to be true? It is…

San Diego hairstylist and blogger, Chelle Lynn, had some choice words to say about the dangers of using box dye, in her post about why it is the absolute worst:

“Shocker, colorists want to make a good living just like everyone else, but that is not why we tell you to please please pretty please with sugar on top for the love of god stop using box dye! We tell you this because box dye is literally destroying your hair. Slowly, stealthily, over time. Like a hydrogen peroxide ninja.”

She concludes by reminding us that box dye actually alters the physical makeup of your hair, making the strands weaker and the colour much harder to change if you want to do so in the future. This is not the case with the hair colouring services we offer here at Studio 86 in Yorkville.

In a previous post on the Studio 86 blog, we broke down the major differences between store-bought hair dye and salon hair colouring services. The case is pretty strong against using boxed hair dye! If you’re ready to quit using it, here are some useful tips:

• Schedule regular hair colouring appointments at your salon ahead of time so you can stay on top of your roots and be sure you’ll have an appointment when you need it
• Try temporary solutions that don’t damage your hair, such as root touch up wands, which are kind of like mascara for your hair and can help tide you over until your next appointment – find them in your local beauty supply store, or ask your stylist for a recommendation

Have you experienced the damaging effects of home hair dye? Come in to the salon for a deep conditioning treatment or L’Oreal Steampod to give that damaged hair some much-needed TLC! Book your appointment today!

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