We LOVE These Protective Hairstyles for Winter


With winter here, dry, split ends can be tough to avoid. Protective hairstyles are a great way to keep the ends of your hair healthy during the winter and encourage natural hair growth. These styles are simple and low-maintenance, but keeping your ends tucked away doesn’t mean your hair can’t be super stylish. Here are 5 protective hairstyles for winter that we love.


1. Chunky Twists Updo

Image: Pinterest

These chunky twists make the cutest updo and make protective styling easy. If you’re not a fan of smaller twists, these are a great alternative.

2. Box Braids


Image: Pinterest

Box braids are a classic, and a beautiful one at that.

3. Ombre Braids


Image: Pinterest

Ombre braids are so much fun and a great way to experiment with your style.

4. Marley Twists Bob


Image: Pinterest

Bobs are in right now. And for good reason. They’re chic, sophisticated and edgy. We adore this Marley twists bob.

5. Flat Twist Updo


Image: Pinterest

Simple, versatile and elegant.

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