Why You Need To Try Crochet Braids


When it comes to protective styles, crochet braids are a great option. There are so many reasons why you should try them, if you haven’t already. The name “crochet braids” refers to the method of adding the hair. The crochet method is a way of adding extensions – like with a weave, the hair is first cornrowed and then the extensions are applied. However, the hair is loose and not on a weft like it is with a weave. And instead of sewing the hair in, crochet hair is looped under the cornrows with a hook (also called a crochet needle) and secured with a knot. So, here’s why they’re great!



Crochet braids take little time to “install” – generally about 2.5 hours to do. This might not be a big difference for weave-wearers, but for those with box braids or twists, it’s a significant time difference.

Low Maintenance

They’re easy to care for. They last about 2-8 weeks depending on how well you care for them, and generally you’re looking at about four weeks. Depending on how long you want to keep them in for, tightly curled braids are best as it will take the curls longer to loosen or frizz.

Variety of Styles

Crochet hair comes in a variety of colours and can be worn in a variety of styles. With the ability to wear them curly, straight, twisted or braided, you have a lot of options to choose from.

They’re Low-stress

Not just on your mind, but also on your scalp. Everybody is different, and can handle different amounts of tension. However, crochet braids are a lot looser on your scalp than sew-ins and create less scalp stress.

Price Point

Crochet braids are generally a LOT less expensive than hair on a track, which make them a great contender if you’re torn between that and a weave. They’re also fairly affordable for your hairstylist to install. Synthetic crochet hair is overall very affordable, even with high quality hair.

With so many benefits, crochet braids are a great choice for your next protective hairstyle.

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